Restaurant Menu – À la carte

Classic British Cooking with a modern twist – cooked to order with fresh local ingredients.

All menus are sample menus and are subject to change

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Bread & Dripping  £3.00

Sourdough bread & beef dripping with roasting juices or cave aged Cheddar cheese butter

The Great British Charcuterie Board  £8.95

Woodall’s air-dried Cumbrian hams & salami with mustard, piccalilli & chutney

Venison & Black pudding Scotch egg  £4.50

Handmade venison & black pudding Scotch egg, runny yolk & beetroot relish

Grandad’s Mini Bangers  £5.50

Sizzling mini sausages served with honey & grain mustard

Hash Cake Bites  £5.00

Albert’s corned beef hash cake bites & brown sauce 

Pork Scratching Straws  £3.00

Crispy pork scratching straws served with a Bramley apple dip



Cauliflower Soup  £5.50

Cream of Cauliflower soup with Claire Burt’s award-winning Cheshire blue cheese, from Altrincham, dressed with watercress oil (v)

Rabbit Wellington  £9.95

Loin of wild rabbit wrapped in baby spinach & crispy pastry, served with a crisp pickled carrot salad

The Famous Corned Beef Hash Cake  £7.00

A blend of our home-made corned beef & potato, served with a soft poached egg & Albert’s very own brown sauce

 Black Pudding & Sweetbreads  £6.50

Albert’s own super food, black pudding & veal sweetbreads, served on crushed potatoes with baked beans & bay leaf sauce

Honey Roast Bacon  £5.50

Alberts own smoked roast ‘Dingley Dell’ bacon, glazed in honey served with pease pudding

Lancashire Cheese & Leek Tartlet  £5.50

Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese braised leek tartlet, crispy leeks & beetroot Relish

H Forman & Sons Scottish Smoked Salmon  £8.95

Award-winning London Cure smoked salmon with shallots, capers & lemon

Seared Scallops with Oxtail Stew  £10.95

Lightly caramelized scallops served on a rich slow- braised Lancashire oxtail, vegetable & red wine ragout


Main Courses & Classics


Alberts Fish Pie  £14.00

North sea fish, salmon, seawater prawns, parsley, baked with mashed potato, sprinkled with Mrs Kirkham’s  Lancashire cheese with minted garden peas

Finnan Haddie  £13.50

Poached smoked haddock served on steamed new potatoes & leeks, topped with a poached eggs & a wholegrain hollandaise

Traditional Fish & Chips  £14.00

Albert’s special Bitter-battered cod with chips, mushy peas & tartare sauce

Lancashire Cheese & Onion Pie  £13.50

The great northern pie company, Lancashire cheese & onion Pie, braised onions and roast king cabbage (v)

The Famous Steak & Mushroom Pudding  £14.00

Braised steak & mushroom pudding, served with chop house chips, mushy peas & gravy

Mutton Chophouse Curry  £14.00

Slow-cooked Cumbrian mutton in hand-ground spices with steamed basmati rice, Albert’s Own Chutney & crisp poppadum’s

Roast Chicken  £13.00

Herb-roasted Shropshire free-range chicken, kale ‘bubble & squeak’, honey roast carrot & a tarragon chicken gravy

Beetroot Hotpot  £9.00

Slow cooked beetroot & potato hotpot served with spiced cabbage and potato & rosemary sourdough (v)

Albert’s Famous Corned Beef Hash £14.00

10 days in the making to our own secret recipe – served with sautéed potatoes & creamed onions, soft poached egg & crispy dry-cured bacon

‘Ridings Reserve’ Steak & Eggs  £13.50

Char- grilled hanger steak topped with pan-fried duck egg, hand cut chips & grain mustard butter


Chops & Steaks from the Grill

12oz Barnsley Chop  £14.95

Double lamb loin chop served with French-style little peas & herb butter

12oz Suffolk Pork T-bone Chop  £13.50

Dingley Dell pork chop with sage, champ potatoes & Bramley apple sauce

 Ridings Reserve premium English beef, exclusively sourced from farms
across the English countryside. They deliver the highest quality with conistent tenderness, succulence & flavour.

8oz Rump  £16.50

8oz Rib Eye  £19.95

8oz Fillet  £26.00

All garnished with Chop House chips, roast tomato & mushroom. Choice of peppercorn sauce, béarnaise sauce or Chop House butter

Introducing A More Distinguished Steak

Superior Farms | Superior Food | Superior Marbling

Side Orders

Chop House Chips  £3.00

Mashed Potato  £3.00

Honey Roasted Carrots £3.50

Buttered Greens  £3.95

Cauliflower Cheese  £3.95

Chop House Salad  £3.00

Kale ‘Bubble & Squeak’  £3.00



Baked Custard Tart  £6.00

Served with an earl grey granita

Dark Chocolate & Orange Cheesecake  £6.00

Served with home-made honeycomb pieces, slow cooked orange & chocolate sauce

Mr Lowry’s Rice Pudding Mousse  £5.50

Creamy vanilla rice pudding mousse served with a Jammie Dodger biscuit

Steamed Victoria Plum Pudding  £5.00

Individual steamed sponge plum pudding with thick custard

Winter Fruit Flapjack Crumble  £5.50

Cinnamon- spiced baked Bramley apple, pear & Victoria plums topped with flapjack crumble & served with thick, warm vanilla custard

Eccles Cakes  £6.00

Classic squashed fly cakes with Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese

Cheshire Farm Ice Cream £5.00

A choice of three scoops of freshly churned ice creams & shortbread biscuit

Sorbet  £5.00

A choice of three scoops of our own refreshing sorbet

The Great British Cheeseboard  £6.00  /  £9.00 to share.

Served with winter chutney, grapes, celery and biscuits

All dishes are subject to availability & change of specification / market pricing. We cannot guarantee that nuts or nut traces will not be found in our food. Please note a discretionary 10% Service Charge will be added to all bills. It is your right not to pay. If we fail to justify it in any way, if you are unhappy about this for any reason, or if you simply disagree with the principle, please bring this to our attention & we will strike the amount off from the bill. If you have any special requirements please contact us on