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The ultimate after dinner cocktail. Chocolatey bourbon with a refreshing herbal undertone from Fernet Branca. All sipped
through a layer of Chartreuse infused cream.

Albert’s Old Fashioned
Exactly as the name suggests this comes straight from the history books with the first drink of this style appearing in the 1870s.
Our Assistant bar manager Jack has tweaked the classic slightly with the introduction of a 50/50 mix of bourbon and rye
whiskey, stirring down classically with ice, sugar, orange zest and orange bitters.

Raspberries & Cream
The best way to indulge in a dessert without actually eating one. A sumptuous mix of Amaretto, Chambord, Kahlua, Baileys
& gold rum shaken with milk and cream.

DRAUGHT BEERS                                                     Half | Pint          GIN                                                      25ml

Guinness 4%  £2.10 £4.20 Beefeater £3.50
“The Black Stuff ”, from Dublin, Ireland       Beefeater 24 £4.00
        Bombay Sapphire £4.25
Stella Cidre 4.5% £2.10 £4.20 Hendricks £5.25
Belgian posh apple cider       Martin Millers £4.00
        Plymouth £4.00
Becks Vier 4.1% £2.10 £4.20 Williams Chase £6.25
German, cool, smart, no nonsense and efficient session lager       Brecon Special Reserve Gin £3.75
      Gin Mare £5.25
        Jinzu Gin £5.25
Stella Artois 4.8% £2.45 £4.85 Langleys No.8 Gin £4.00
Premium Belgian pilsner with a classic taste       Monkey 47 Schwarzald £6.50
        No 209 Gin £4.75
Chop House Lager 4% £1.95 £3.85 Opihr Gin £4.00
Easy drinking lager to suit all occasions       Sipsmith London Dry Gin £4.50
      Tanqueray 43.1% £3.75
        Tanqueray Ten 47.3% £5.00
Hoegaarden 4% £2.50 £5.00 Warner Edwards Harrington £6.00
Premium Belgian Wheat Beer, originally brewed by monks in the 15th century.       Warner Edwards Rhubarb £5.75
      West Winds The Sabre £6.00
        Plymouth Sloe Gin £4.50
Goose Island 312 5.4% £5.00 Jawbox Dry Gin £4.50
An American version of a European classic wheat beer. 312 Urban Wheat Ale is cooler and a tad more boisterous than its European cousins. (schooner)


    Brockmans Premium Gin £4.50
    Bathtub Gin £4.75
    William Chase Gin £6.00
    Edinburgh Canon Ball Navy Strength £4.75

DRAUGHT ALES                                           Half | Pint          RUM                                                          25ml

Guest Ales also available     Bacardi £3.75
        Havana Club 3 Anos £3.50
Chop House Special Ale 4% £1.90 £3.80 Havana Club 7 Anos £3.75
A true session ale, easy drinking with a golden hue and subtle hopping.       Havana Club Anejo Especial £3.50
      Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros £6.65
        Kraken Black Spiced Rum £3.75
Goose Island IPA 5.9% £5.00 Lamb`s Navy Rum £3.50
An American craft (super-trendy) Indian
Pale Ale. Big and brash and the way us
Limey’s should have brewed our IPA’s
      Malibu £3.50
      Ron Zacapa 23 Year Rum £7.50
        Absolut Citron £3.50
Manchester Pale Ale 4% £1.90 £3.80 Absolut Elyx £5.25
JW Lees interpretation of a Pale Ale with a malty, fruity palate.       Absolut Original Blue £3.50
      Absolut Raspberri £3.50
      Absolut Vanilla £3.50
        Chase Potato Vodka £5.25
JW Lees Bitter 3.8% £1.90 £3.85 Grey Goose £5.75
It’s an all-malt brew and sets the standard
for all ales. This is an amber beer with a
malty and citrus fruit aftertaste.
Corona (Mexico) 4.5%, Becks Bier (Germany) 4.9%, Peroni (Italy) 5.3%, Cusquena (Peru) 5%, Estrella (Spain) 4.6%, £5.00
Stella Cidre Pear & Raspberry 4.5% (Belgium), Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime & Wild Berries 4.5% (Sweeden) £5.50