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Homity Pie, Snowflakes And Big Chops – The Albert Square Chop House Reviewed

‘The Albert Square Chop House is, as you would expect in Albert’s Square. It’s the former Memorial Hall and is a lovely Victorian building.

The inside, however is a departure to the tiled, by-gone decor of the other chop houses, this is light and modern, with an upstairs bar area (where they do a bar menu as well) that could be anything from All Bar One to the Slug and Lettuce.’

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‘Sometimes though, new and interesting things come up and I feel compelled to visit, eat, drink, catch up with the munching Manchester massive and have a jolly good nosey. This is how I ended up at the new Albert Square Chop House. I say new, but this was so freshly minted they were still tacking the red carpet onto the front steps and adding pictures to the wall when we turned up.’

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Taste of Manchester

The Albert Square Chop House opens opposite Town Hall
‘Following a huge £3.5m refit, The Albert Square Chop House opened last week in the Grade-II listed Memorial Hall building across Manchester’s civic square from the Town Hall.’

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Good Gobble

‘Albert Square Chop House is a British restaurant.  Thinking about it I should probably rephrase that.  Albert Square Chop House is a BRITISH restaurant.  There is no doubt about this, the menu from top to bottom is British (and where possible of the North West local variety). 

The location and building are a great start.  What a spot right on Albert Square with some grand steps and an elegant arch framing the entrance to the restaurant.  It is very nice to arrive in to the upstairs bar as straight away you are hit with the vibrant atmosphere.’

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Albert Square Chop House Review
‘When Manchester Confidential gave us the chance to visit the Albert Square Chop House we jumped at it, having heard and read good things already. Having already been to Sam’s Chop House a few years back, with the best corned-beef hash I’ve ever had, I was hopeful of something good! Seated in the comfiest of booth sofas, you just wanted to sink into them, our fantastic waiter for the evening, Carlos, suggested he would pick wines for us throughout the evening and match them to our individual dishes. A lovely touch, not offered enough in restaurants, so we happily accepted.’

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Phat Cupcake

Review: Albert Square Chophouse
I am a big fan of the Chophouse chain in Manchester. Their corned beef hash topped with crispy bacon and a runny poached egg is one of my favourite meals. I was expecting similarly huge and hearty portions on a recent visit to Albert Square Chophouse* but this place has a more refined edge to it. Decorated with images of famous Mancunians, we were in great company when we were shown to our table.’

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 Spotted by Locals

Albert Square Chop House – Fancy a steak?
‘There are multiple menus to suit different times, days and even moods. The bar is more traditional British food and you must always have a bowl of Manchester side salad (or chips to everyone). Downstairs is more of a fine dining venue which you would need to book a table for. The steak menu is phenomenal, and this is coming from someone who isn’t really turned on by steak.’

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 The Albert Square Chop House, Manchester
‘The Albert Square Chop House is located in the 150 year old, iconic, Memorial Hall building on Albert Square overlooking the town hall. It was apparently neglected for a decade but if that’s the case they’ve done an excellent job restoring it. Managing to maintain it’s Venetian Gothic charm whilst adding a modern post-industrial twist. There’s a bar area upstairs with the main restaurant downstairs where we were seated in one of the comfortable booths with a great view of the open kitchen.’

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Things to do in Manchester

The Albert Square Chop House: Carlos the Charming Sommelier Enlightens Ignorant but Willing-to-Learn Wino
‘the newest addition to the Manchester Chop House family on Albert Square is keen to publicise the excellent sommelier service it offers to all diners. We were equally keen to try it when invited to do so by Manchester Confidential, as we are both big fans of the original Chop Houses – Sam’s in particular – with their emphasis on superlative pub classics and remarkably sensible portion size. However, if we were expecting more of the same from The Albert Square Chop House (we were) then we were wrong – this airy new reinvention of the classic 1866 Memorial Hall is streets away from the warm, dark corners offered by its more established brethren (and completely unrecognisable from its last incarnation, when it was the Square Albert Pub).

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 Things to do in Manchester

Cheese and Wine with Old Amsterdam and Albert’s Chop House: Christmas Comes Early to Manchester
‘I am sorry. I have let you all down, and you can rest assured that, since Tuesday night, I’ve been sitting here quietly, thinking about what I’ve done. For since Tuesday night, I have been feeling festive, despite it barely being mid-October.

The finger of blame must point squarely at the cheese and wine matching event I attended last week, hosted by the dream team of Chris Chisnall of Bradbury Cheese and George Bergier, sommelier extraordinaire from Albert’s Chop House.’

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 The New Northerner


A Cheese fest
Chris, our cheese expert for the evening, taught us all about the background of each of the cheeses, whilst George and Marcin recommended the perfect wine pairings for us to match the different flavours of the cheeses. I know very little about wine, so it was a great chance to expand my knowledge!

Let me take you on our taste sensation of an evening…’

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Cheese and wine matching
A cheese and wine masterclass with Old Amsterdam
‘Chris ‘the cheese’ Chisnall of Old Amsterdam and George ‘the wine’ Bergier, Albert’s Chop House’s sommelier put together some sublime matches…….

Thank you to Old Amsterdam and The Albert Square Chop House for a super evening.’

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Manchester Wire


Wine and Food Matching Evening at The Albert Square Chop House
Scottish fever takes over the Albert Square Chop House’s Memorial Hall suite as it hosts a night of kilts, bagpipes and a good old four-course Scottish supper……
special guest speaker, Karen Fulleton, from Glenmorangie Whisky.

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