We’ve tried really hard to give creative credit where it is due. If we have missed any out rights holders, please let us know so that we can update our records and our design.

The following images have been used in our new brochure and also on our website:

P1 – Bride and Groom on the town hall stairs – Emma & John Davies making history 11.11.17 (©Damian Brandon Photography).
P2 – Couple on the Albert Square Chop House stairs – Jenna & Adam Kaye making history 06.01.17 (©Cassandra Lane Photography); the owl brings the ring – the day Amanda & Nick Owens made history 21.10.17 (©Paul Husband Photography).
P3 – The Memorial Hall exterior (©Nigel Maitland); the bouquet throw in Albert Square – the day Sally & Toby Hazlewood made history 22.05.15 (©Nicola Thompson Photography); guests walking to the venue (©tbc)
P4 – Michelle & William Browne making history in the heart of the city 20.11.15 (©Nicola Thompson).
P5/6 – Manchester Town Hall roofscape (©Paul Husband).
P7/8 – Memorial Hall exterior and architectural details (©Paul Husband); Albert’s bar detail (©Nigel Maitland).
P9/10 – You may kiss the bride – Amanda & Nick Owens making history 21.10.17 (©Paul Husband).
P11 – The speech; the confetti (©Nicola Thompson); a guest with his Manchester Plate – the day Lucy & Ian Howard made history 11.08.16 (©Kelly Clarke Photography).
P12 – The married couple in stripes – Seb & Ken Yarwood-Humphreys making history 05.12.15 (©Michelle Wilson, MSW Photography).
P13/14 – Setting up the wedding breakfast (©Paul Husband). 
P15 – The naked wedding cake (©Nicola Thompson).
P16 – A little wedding speech with a difference – the day Emma & Darren Cooke made history 04.09.15 (©Steve Grogan Photography); red carpet image of the bride’s dress – Jenna & Adam Kaye making history 06.01.17 (©Cassandra Lane); Marine Bezault, service with a smile (©Paul Husband).
P17/18 – The best of British food (©Nigel Maitland).
P19 – The corned beef hash (©Paul Wolfgang Webster); homity pie; roast beef canapés (©Georgie Glass).
P20 – Oxtail croquettes (©Georgie Glass)
P21 – The second dance – Sally Hazlewood (©Nicola Thompson).
P22 – Drumming up a party; the dance floor; the brass band (©Nicola Thompson).