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MEET GEORGE BERGIER, one of the legendary characters of Manchester. And the single biggest reason why this wine list is so distinguished.

George has spent his entire working life, 50 years now, working in the world of fine wines. How many people can remember their first-ever glass of wine? George can. It was a 1955 vintage Chateau Haut-Brion from Bordeaux. The venue was the French Embassy, of course, in Warsaw. The time was 1966.

George was a young waiter on his first job. The Wine Advocate Robert Parker scores this wine at 97 points out of 100. Young George was so impressed he began the journey which brought him here.

He has visited every major wine producing country in the world

since then. So many countries in fact that it is easier to list the ones he is yet to enjoy, which are The Lebanon, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. He has visited more than five vineyards a year since 1978, which means he is often buying from people he knows personally.

As the old gag goes, it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

George does it because wine is his passion. Maybe it was his way of reconnecting with his aristocratic roots in Soviet Poland after World War Two?

(He grew up under a communist regime with no time for former landowners like his mother,

nor for the finer things in life.) Now, after 25 years as Chairman of the Guild of Sommeliers,

and working for many of the city’s most prestigious names, we count ourselves blessed that George has chosen to see out the remaining years of his career in service with us. He still works

in Sam’s nearly every lunchtime in the week. Putting his refined nose at the public’s service.

Sniffing out great quality and great value for money.

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